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Car Leasing


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Short Term Leasing

We are a short term car and van rental company focused on providing brand new cars on a short term lease basis to professionals who can prove to be in stable employment and to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) including start-ups.

At EL-GS we determine your credit worthiness based on our internal scoring system which only focuses on your present circumstances and your projected future as opposed to the standard credit scoring that is historical.

Because our cars are brand new, you save on MOT, Servicing, Tyre Replacement and Breakdown costs that you would incur with used cars.

Further all our cars come with the latest fuel saving and low CO2 emission technologies such as TDI, TFSI and TSI engines, Improved Aerodynamics, Auto Start/Stop, Bluemotion Technology, Low Rolling Resistance Tyres, and More Efficient Gearboxes.

The effect of all these technologies is a substantial saving on your fuel bill with most of our cars achieving at least 50mpg.